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Natural Cancer Remedies That Work! Morton Walker, D.P,M.

The U.S. medical establishment doesn't want you to know about these alternative and natural cancer treatments. Why?

Because these remedies can be so effective they threaten the profits of large drug companies and billions of dollars in cash for the whole North American "cancer industry."

Natural Cancer Remedies that Work

I can safely reveal this amazing information only because I'm protected by freedom of the press. If I were treating patients or selling these remedies, I could be in hot water!

My special report gives you case studies and scientific evidence PLUS addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and websites for...

Cancer Remedy #1: The "high fever" cure that was discovered in America 137 years ago, then banned. Yet a noted cancer expert says it may have the highest remission rate of any therapy in the world.

Cancer Remedy #2: The rare plant extract used by Ronald Reagan and my own wife - an immune-system miracle that literally devours cancer cells!

Cancer Remedy #3: It was discovered by accident when a patient with pancreatic cancer - given only days to live - went into total remission and lived for years! Her good luck can be yours, too.

Cancer Remedy #4: 65,000 patients can't be wrong! The Chinese learned about this therapy from a Swedish Nobel Prize winner. Now they report 80% partial or total remission in tests on thousands of patients. Banned in North America.

Cancer Remedy #5: The "painkiller tree" is useful for cancer treatment AND prevention. You can get it legally in America - and it might even rid you of arthritis pain!

Cancer Remedy #6: The "miracle mushroom" extract reportedly shrank a Texas man's liver tumor by 90 percent -- after his doctor had given up on him! A study found that lung cancer patients on chemo who took this remedy survived at FOUR TIMES the rate of those who didn't.

Cancer Remedy #7: A doctor reports his unique immune system treatment reverses cancer in nine out of ten patients. Read the real-life case histories.

Cancer Remedy #8: A young man with cancer returned home to spend his last days with his family. Instead, his father, an alternative doctor, steered him to this medical miracle!

Cancer Remedy #9: JFK's personal physician used it to cure his own colon cancer.

Cancer Remedy #10: Doctors call it "spontaneous remission." Phooey! Discover what four out of five "spontaneous" cancer cures have in common.

There you have it - ten clinically proven treatments that can give you an 80 percent chance or more of beating cancer - even in advanced cases.

Plus a BONUS CHAPTER that can
tip the odds in your favor even more

You can find and cure cancers up to 19 months before conventional medicine can detect them. Use the cutting-edge blood tests I describe in Chapter Eleven - common in Europe, almost unknown in North America.

With early detection, you and your loved ones can make the most use of information on how to kill early-stage cancer.

"For patients who come to me with early malignancies before undergoing any noxious therapies [radiation and chemotherapy], I achieve cancer remission for almost 98 percent of them." That's what Dr. Helmut Keller, inventor of Cancer Remedy #2, told me in a personal interview.

Get all ten natural and alternative cancer remedies.

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You can beat cancer!

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