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Natural Remedies for Breast Cancer

There are effective, natural remedies for breast cancer that your doctor probably doesn't even know about.

A Connecticut nutritionist was diagnosed with a large, malignant breast tumor. Her doctor determined it was an aggressive cancer that was growing very fast.

But thanks to her knowledge of alternative medicine, the nutritionist knew just where to go when she needed help herself. She headed for a German clinic that cured as many as 98 out of 100 cancer patients.

In an exclusive interview, the nutritionist said, "I'm well informed about German alternative cancer treatments - having referred American patients to that country's clinics frequently."

Before she left the States, she had a lumpectomy - meaning removal of the tumor, not the whole breast. But after that, she refused the follow-up radiation her U.S. surgeon recommended.

Instead, the German doctors treated her with a natural plant extract and high body temperature therapy. After a few weeks of treatment, she was able to return home.

She's been cancer-free for over seven-and-a-half years.

Give yourself as much as a 98 percent chance of beating cancer!

Breast cancer That's the success rate a German doctor says he's achieved treating early stage cancers with methods such as Cancer Remedy #2 in my special report Natural Cancer Remedies that Work.

I'm Dr. Morton Walker, and I know what I'm talking about. My own beloved wife took Cancer Remedy #2 and held off a recurrence of her breast cancer. I've met the doctor who discovered this extract, toured his clinic, and talked to his patients. I wouldn't recommend a treatment to my own wife unless it's backed by solid science and clinical evidence with real patients.

But there's even more good news for breast cancer patients. Check out Cancer Remedy #8! And Cancer Remedy #5 not only helped a woman fight breast cancer, it's a fruit extract you can take at home to prevent disease.

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You can beat cancer!

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