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Natural Cancer Remedies

Read about the natural and alternative treatments that the U.S medical establishment doesn't want you to know about.

Remedy #1: Hyperthemia - The High Temperature Cancer Therapy

Remedy #2: Carnivora™

Remedy #3: Polyerga® and Animal Peptides

Remedy #4: Galvanotherapy

Remedy #5: Noni Therapy

Remedy #6: Coriolus - The "Miracle Mushroom"

Remedy #7: Induced Remission Therapy®

Remedy #8: Poly-MVA

Remedy #9: Essiac

Remedy #10: The Gerson Therapy

Find out more about all ten natural and alternative cancer remedies, plus get a BONUS CHAPTER on ways to reduce your risk of getting cancer and methods of detecting cancer early. Click here to order Natural Cancer Remedies that Work.

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