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Hyperthermia: The High Temperature Cancer Therapy

A high fever causes cancer to disappear!

An American doctor discovered this cancer breakthrough 137 years ago. But today it's banned in America.

The people who pioneered this treatment were literally run out of the country by the FDA. You may have to leave the U.S. to get it. But...

You deserve to know the facts

Cancer Remedy #1 In 1868, an American M.D. named Peter Busch noticed something very interesting: A 43-year-old woman experienced a "spontaneous" cancer cure after a strep infection gave her a fever of 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dr. Busch wrote up his findings, but nobody noticed for 25 years. Then in 1883 a surgeon named William Coley came across Dr. Busch's report. He was so intrigued he tried some experiments on lab animals that had cancer - and achieved amazing results. After more than 20 years of testing, he published his findings in 1906.

He showed he could cure cancer in animals just by giving them bacterial infections that cause a full-body fever.

Research shows it works on humans, too

In a 1957 study, three medical doctors examined 450 cases of "spontaneous" cancer remission. They found that one-third of the patients had experienced high fevers!
What's more, doctors these days don't infect you with bacteria to give you a fever. That can be hazardous. Now they have safe, high-tech ways to raise your body temperature for an hour or two till the cancer cells are kaput.
It worked for a Connecticut woman with breast cancer. And it worked for a famous German actress and singer with widespread ovarian cancer.

Vera de Winter, Ph.D., a leading authority on cancer treatment, said, "From application of such elevated heat, the average remission rate for patients with advanced stages of cancer is 80 percent. There is no other treatment modality known with such a high remission rate."

A German physician, Dr. Fredrich Douwes, has achieved an 80 percent success rate treating a wide range of advanced cancers, including liver, lung, colon, prostate, ovarian cancer and others. He's even had success treating BPH - benign prostate hypertrophy (enlargement).

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