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Polyerga® and Animal Peptides

Eighty-year-old survives rectal cancer, gets married!

Oncologist Klaus Maar, M.D., published this anecdote in a German medical journal on alternative cancer therapies. His story provides tremendous hope for colorectal cancer, the number two cause of cancer deaths.

Dr. Maar treated an eighty-year-old retired seaman, Hans K., who suffered from Stage II rectal cancer. Symptoms included rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, vomiting, weight loss and weakness.

Hans had had surgery and refused more despite Dr. Maar's recommendation. So the doctor commenced three alternative, nontoxic therapies including Polyerga® injections.

Cancer Remedy #3 "In the middle of May 1996 [a few weeks after beginning treatment], I carried out a control rectoscopy and found that the tumor, which had been bigger than a plum, could not now be detected," wrote Dr. Maar.

A few months later there was still no detectable cancer. What's more, the patient felt well. A year later, at age 82, Hans K. felt so fit and youthful he got married again!

It's not that Hans was just lucky. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of forty patients with metastasized colon cancer, the Polyerga® group survived at higher rates.

Dramatic results in animal study

Researchers at a medical institute found that lung cancer metastases in untreated mice were four times the level of those treated with Polyerga®. All the mice in the control group - treated with chemotherapy alone - died within 42 days. Half the mice in the group treated with both Polyerga® AND chemotherapy were still alive at 42 days.

The researchers conducted human studies, too, and declared, "With Polyerga®, a pronounced stimulation of the host's immune reactivity on the one hand and a significant tumor mass reduction on the other were determined repeatedly."

Polyerga® has been used successfully with hyperthermia, another alternative treatment in my special report, Natural Cancer Remedies that Work. Doctors have also combined Polyerga® with chemotherapy and actually improved the results.

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