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Shock Cancer Cells to Death

A nine volt battery and a doctor who knows what he's doing may be the answer to cancer.

German, Austrian, Dutch, Italian, French and Chinese doctors have been able to destroy solid malignant tumors by applying electric current. European oncologists (cancer specialists) call it galvanotherapy.

Yet American and Canadian regulators deny cancer patients this harmless alternative. I think they're making a terrible mistake.

It's completely harmless, using the equivalent of a nine-volt flashlight battery. There is little of no pain. And the evidence suggests it's more effective than the toxic treatments favored by the American cancer industry.

80 percent remission rate in Chinese tests

Cancer Remedy #4 The Chinese conducted a study on 4,000 cancer patients and found that more than eight out of ten - more than 80% - experienced partial or total remission.

And the Chinese learned about galvanotherapy in the first place from a Swedish Nobel prize winner. In my opinion, this isn't quackery. It's the real deal.

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  • JFK's personal physician used a totally safe herbal tea to cure his own colon cancer. This remedy has helped thousands over the last 70 years.

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