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Given five months to live, Mary Anne L. shocked her doctors!

Mary Anne L.'s conventional doctors gave her five months to live. Her breast cancer had come back three times in ten years. Now it had spread to her liver and elsewhere. Chemotherapy no longer helped.

Did this Oregon woman give up? No way! She took the advice of a close friend, an ophthalmologist named John D. Flaxel, and went to Dr. Friedrich Douwes's cancer clinic in Germany.

One of the treatments Dr. Douwes gave Mary Anne was noni - also called "the painkiller tree." You'll find noni in my special report, Natural Cancer Remedies that Work.

Cancer Remedy #5 I received a heartwarming note from Dr. Flaxel, Mary Anne's friend back in Oregon. "This woman looks and feels the best that she has in years," he wrote me. Her liver tumors had disappeared, other cancer sites were shrinking, her cancer markers were returning to normal.

Her conventional doctor "can't believe it," according to Dr. Flaxel. "I hold a recent medical report documenting her improvement, and it verifies her progress toward complete healing."

Like many alternative cancer specialists, Dr. Douwes employs a battery of remedies, depending on what's best for the patient. Besides noni, he treated Mary Anne with hyperthermia - probably the most valuable single piece of information you'll get in Natural Cancer Remedies that Work. It's the first chapter.

Noni and hyperthermia are just two of the ten surgery-free, non-toxic cancer answers in this valuable report.

Beyond vitamins and minerals:
Make yourself cancer-proof with herbs nearly unknown in the U.S.

Many doctors - including me - take noni and the other supplements you'll discover in Natural Cancer Remedies that Work. We don't take them because we have cancer. We take them to prevent it.

Noni is an all-around immune-system booster that's also one of nature's most powerful painkillers. The Polynesians who discovered it thousands of years ago use it to cure pain.

Dr. Daniel Dugi is a medical doctor who practices in Texas. He recommended this remedy to his father, who had a small lung tumor removed. That was ten years go, and he's been cancer-free ever since.

Dr. Dugi says noni works for his own arthritis pain. When he stops taking it, the pain returns. When he resumes taking it, the pain goes away. "So now I personally stay on the capsules all the time," he told me in an interview. "I employ it for treatment of hypertension, cancer, inflammatory arthritis, systemic lupus...."

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