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Coriolus - The "Miracle Mushroom" and Liver Cancer

Allen G. shrank his tumor 90 percent - after his doctor gave up on him.

Natural Remedies for Liver Cancer

After six years of chemotherapy, Allen G.'s doctor told him his case was hopeless. The chemo was no longer working and Allen's liver cancer was inoperable because the tumor was wrapped around a vital blood vessel.

Four years later, Allen was healthy again after using alternative therapies, including my Cancer Remedy #6, the powdered extract of a certain mushroom. Allen learned about the mushroom extract through his own efforts, and he can tell you all about it. He found nearly 400 studies.

Amazingly, Allen's liver cancer shrank to less than ten percent of its original size. His CEA cancer marker fell more than two-thirds, from 296 to 97.9.

My special report, Natural Cancer Remedies that Work tells you where to order the "magic mushroom powder" and nine other treatments.

Natural supplements can make
chemo and radiation more effective

Cancer Rememdy #6 Many cancer patients believe they must submit to conventional cancer therapies like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. I understand. It's a hard decision.

But here's good news: you can use many of the treatments in Natural Cancer Remedies that Work right along with conventional treatments. You don't have to make a tough choice. You can tackle cancer with natural and conventional medicine at the same time!

I can tell you about studies that indicate the natural remedies actually make the conventional treatments more effective. Two to four times as many patients survived when they took the mushroom extract.

Another treatment in Natural Cancer Remedies that Work - high-body-temperature therapy - has been used with great success in combination with radiation and chemotherapy. One study showed a lot less radiation is needed to kill the cancer if the patient's body temperature is raised.

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