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Astonishing new cancer breakthrough takes alternative medicine by storm

Your body can fix itself!

Establishment medicine has figured out that cancer is often caused by DNA gone haywire. Free radicals, toxins, pollutants and other attackers damage our DNA all the time -- every minute of every day!

Yet most of us don't get cancer. Thanks to one of nature's wonders, DNA can repair itself most of the time. It's when your cells lose this ability to fix themselves that cancer follows.

This is sound science, accepted by the medical establishment. What the medical establishment won't accept is...

A revolutionary new supplement
can help repair damaged, cancer-prone DNA

Cancer Remedy #8 Read what it did for Mark's brain cancer and see for yourself!

This alternative health breakthrough combines several natural nutrients that help DNA repair itself. Then it binds them together with another nutrient that can travel anywhere in the body, even past the "blood-brain barrier" that keeps many nutrients out. This unique feature is protected by patent.

It's as if the vitamins, minerals and amino acids in the supplement hitch a ride on an all-terrain vehicle that can go anywhere!

Breast cancer patients said "no" to chemo and got well!

Sarah Jones, a Denver woman, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She's lucky enough to have an alternative health expert in the family - her husband Bob, a renowned inventor of medical equipment.

Sarah refused all conventional cancer treatments. She even refused a biopsy, because she'd heard biopsies may spread cancer. Instead, Bob Jones did some research and learned about Poly-MVA.

Within six months of beginning treatment, Sarah found her malignant breast tumor had shrunk by two-thirds. But check out another Poly-MVA case history that's even more remarkable. Or learn about two more treatments for breast cancer.

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You can beat cancer!

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