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Native American remedy boasts a 70-year safety record

Thousands of reported cures - including JFK's personal physican!

Essiac was "discovered" in the 1930s. But Native Americans may have used it for hundreds of years. It's an herbal tea that a medicine man of the Ojibway tribe revealed to a Canadian woman.

That woman then gave the formula to a nurse named Rene Caisse, who went on to help thousands of cancer patients. "Essiac" is her name spelled backwards.

Rene Caisse devoted five decades of her life to treating cancer patients with this remedy, often for free, because she saw over and over again what it can do. Her own aunt was told she'd be dead in six months from stomach and liver tumors. Seeing no real alternative, the attending doctor gave Nurse Caisse permission to try the herbal tea.

A year later, Rene Caisse's aunt was fully recovered and declared cancer-free. She lived another 21 years! That's what started Rene on a lifetime quest to spread the word.

Thousands loved this Canadian "saint"

Cancer Remedy #9 Rene Caisse helped so many people suffering from cancer and became so famous and loved, thousands of Canadians petitioned the government to legalize Essiac. Nine medical doctors joined the movement and urged the Health Minister to "take immediate action to make this treatment available for all cancer sufferers, and keep it a Canadian discovery."

They came very close to success, but failed.

Even so, there's less controversy surrounding Essiac than most natural cancer remedies. It has a seven-decade safety record and is credited with thousands of cures.

Better yet, you can buy it for pennies at most health food stores!

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