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Natural Remedies for Colon Cancer

JFK's personal physician cured his
own colon cancer with this herbal blend

President John F. Kennedy's personal physician and trusted friend, Charles Brusch, M.D. (now deceased) provided a natural remedy to cancer patients at his Massachusetts clinic.

The natural remedy is called Essiac. Over the past 70 years it may have helped more cancer patients than any other natural cancer remedy. Yet it's available for pennies in most health food stores!

Colon cancer In a 1990 affidavit, Dr. Brusch said, "I endorse this therapy even today, for I have in fact cured my own cancer, the original site of which was the lower bowel, through Essiac alone. My last complete examination, where I was examined throughout the intestinal tract while hospitalized for a hernia problem, no sign of malignancy was found."

Dr. Brusch said, "The results we obtained with patients of various races, genders, and ages with all types of cancer definitely proves Essiac to be a cure for cancer."

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Just one of ten remarkable cancer treatments,
all safe and natural

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