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Natural Remedies for Leukemia

Plant extract kills three-fourths
of leukemia cells...
In only three days!

Dr. Helmut Keller's German clinic achieved remarkable success treating leukemia victims as well as people with lung, cervical, bladder and breast cancers.

You see, Dr. Keller discovered a plant extract that reduces or totally obliterates cancer cells according to European in vitro studies.

The lab scientists who conducted these studies report that the extract kills nearly 75 percent of leukemia cells in only 72 hours...two-thirds of ovarian cancer cells in 48 hours...half of brain cancer cells in seven days...65 percent of sarcoma cells in 72 hours.


The man who could have any cancer treatment
in the world chose this one

President Reagan took this plant extract for years after his 1985 operation to remove colon polyps. He could afford the best, and he chose Dr. Keller's discovery! Shouldn't you find out about it, too? It's Cancer Remedy #2 in my special report, Natural Cancer Remedies that Work.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, you'll want this information right away. Time is of the essence.

Dr. Keller told me his herbal remedy is much more successful in the early stages of cancer - before the patient receives chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

See for yourself how the plant extract helped defeat a Connecticut woman's breast cancer. She refused radiation and chemotherapy and went straight to Dr. Keller! He also treated her with hyperthermia - Cancer Remedy #2 - in my special report. The best alternative doctors often combine several therapies, depending on what's best for the patient.

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