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Natural Remedies for Lung Cancer

Lung cancer disappeared in six months with "magic mushroom" extract

Martha I.'s story is dramatic. She had cancer at two sites in her lungs and it was spreading. Like many cancer patients, she turned to alternatives only when orthodox treatments were no longer effective.

The nutritional approach she chose - including a powdered mushroom extract - completely cleared up her lung tumors in six months.

Her caregiver, Dr. Steven Bailey, said, "Seeing her current progress, orthodox medicine probably would declare this patient to be cured."

From two to four times as many patients survived -
with no additional risk!

Lung cancer In one study, lung cancer patients who took the mushroom extract along with radiation or chemotherapy survived AT FOUR TIMES THE RATE of those who received only the conventional treatments.

In another study, 39% of the lung cancer patients survived longer than ten years when they took the mushroom extract along with radiation and chemotherapy. So how about the patients in the study who didn't receive the mushroom extract - just the toxic therapies? A mere 16 percent of them survived longer than ten years.

Way more than twice as many lung patients survived when they took the natural remedy!

That's a big difference, just for taking a natural food that can't do you any harm. What's more, practicing doctors say the mushroom reduces nasty side effects of chemotherapy like fatigue and nausea. I name those doctors and give you their exact words in my special report.

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