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Dr. Morton Walker My name is Morton Walker. I'm a doctor of podiatric medicine and I treated patients for 17 years. But I stopped seeing patients decades ago, so I could spend full time investigating the claims and discoveries in alternative medicine and reporting what I find to folks like you.

I've published 81 books - and about 3,000 articles - on all aspects of alternative medicine. I have no connection to any of the doctors or clinics I write about, and I have no financial interest in any supplement company. That leaves me free to speak my mind.

There's only one thing I'm interested in and that's reporting health news to you as honestly as I can. That's what I do in a new special report called Natural Cancer Remedies that Work. The report features ten of the best alternative cancer therapies I've found during my decades of research (I started writing in 1969).

The report includes...
  • Cancer Remedy #1: Discovered in America 137 years ago, then banned. Yet an expert says it has the highest remission rate of any treatment known.

  • Cancer Remedy #2: My own wife took this one for breast cancer. That's how much confidence I have in it.

  • Cancer Remedy #3: In a double-blind study, four times as many patients survive when they took this remedy, compared to the control group who didn't receive the supplement.

  • Plus: John F. Kennedy's personal physician swore that Cancer Remedy #9 totally cured his colon cancer. And a Texas man found a mushroom extract that shrank his liver tumor 90 percent - AFTER his doctor told him case was hopeless.

You get these and others - a total of 10 safe, nontoxic treatments for cancer - in my special report Natural Cancer Remedies that Work.

I've received 23 medical journalism awards, and some of my best-selling books include The Chelation Way, Toxic Metal Syndrome, German Cancer Therapies, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

I often speak at meetings and conventions on alternative health, so look me up if you attend one of these events. I'd love to meet you!

Learn more about these natural remedies. Click here now to order my special report, Natural Cancer Remedies that Work!

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