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Natural Remedies for Ovarian Cancer

Famous German actress sings their praises - literally!

Doctors in foreign clinics achieve cancer miracles - using safe, nontoxic therapies mostly unknown or banned in America.

A German physician, Dr. Friedrich Douwes, told us the story of one of his patients, a famous European actress who was near death.

Ovarian cancer had spread to her liver and lungs, despite years of chemotherapy. She could barely speak because her vocal cords were paralyzed. Like many cancer patients, she turned to alternative medicine only when her case looked hopeless.

After less than a year of high-body-temperature treatments, every sign of cancer was gone - from her liver, ovaries, lungs, everywhere. She could act and sing again and went back on stage.

In fact, she was so grateful she performed a one-woman musical for Dr. Douwes, the clinic staff and all the patients, with reporters and TV crews in attendance!

Ovarian cancer

Highest remission rate
of any known cancer treatment

Vera de Winter, Ph.D., a leading authority on cancer treatment, said, "From application of such elevated heat, the average remission rate for patients with advanced stages of cancer is 80 percent. There is no other treatment modality known with such a high remission rate."

The high-body-temperature treatment is Cancer Remedy #2 in our special report, Natural Cancer Remedies that Work. It's merely one of ten remarkable treatments in our special report.

If a high fever can cure cancer, imagine what else the American cancer establishment doesn't know or won't tell you. Check out Cancer Remedy #9, a totally harmless herbal tea that's been around for more than 70 years. It's known to have helped thousands of patients. Or just...

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