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Natural Remedies for Pancreatic Cancer

Given days to live,
She got well instead!

In 1951, a German cancer surgeon sent Professor Walter Kuhlmey, M.D., a "hopeless" case - a woman with advanced, inoperable cancer of the pancreas. The tumor was bigger than a hen's egg, and death was expected within days.

The surgeon thought that Dr. Kuhlmey's pig spleen extract - a proven pain reliever - might make the woman feel better during her final hours. It turns out the injections did a lot more than stop the pain. The patient lived three more years and died of another cause altogether. An autopsy revealed that her pancreas was totally cancer free!

Pancreatic cancer This chance discovery opened Dr. Kuhlmey's eyes to the pig spleen extract as a possible cancer therapy. Now German authorities have approved this remedy and it's backed by a ton of scientific studies. I provide you with all the back-up in my special report, Natural Cancer Remedies that Work.

Dr. Walter Kuhlmey has since passed away, but his family still manufactures the extract under the trademark Polyerga®. Polyerga® consists of peptide growth factors extracted from pig spleens. Dr. Kuhlmey discovered it by accident while he was looking for an alternative source of insulin, which could only be obtained from animal organs back in those days.

Is Polyerga® safe?

Doctors who practice conventional medicine often act as though you're taking crazy risks to try an alternative treatment. I'm happy to report Polyerga® is completely harmless.

German lab studies of Polyerga® indicate it is perfectly safe at levels up to fifty times those typically used in treating cancer patients. Used in conjunction with chemotherapy, it has actually improved the outcomes.

Click on these links and see how Polyerga® has helped patients with colorectal cancer, and stomach cancer, as well as pancreatic cancer. The animal extract may be useful against almost every type of cancer

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