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Natural Remedies for Stomach Cancer

Franz L. became cancer-free in four weeks!

An eighty-one-year-old retired school teacher, Franz L., said "No!" to chemotherapy when he found out he had a stomach tumor the size of walnut - and it was inoperable.

Although he suffered from nausea, pain and weight loss, Franz stuck to his guns and insisted on alternative treatments. Within four weeks, his cancer marker tests were normal.

He never underwent chemo and lived eight more years. Franz died at age 89 as a result of being thrown from a horse!

Franz was saved by Cancer Remedy #3
from my special report

Stomach cancer The treatment that saved Franz is called Polyerga®. It's a German discovery, but my special report, Natural Cancer Remedies that Work, shows you how to get it in the United States.

But frankly, you may want to check out the German clinics like the one Franz went to - and Natural Cancer Remedies that Work tells you names, addresses, phone numbers, and websites.

You see, some of the most effective treatments are not available in the United States. Franz was saved by injections of Polygera®, and you'll probably have a heck of a time finding an American doctor who will do that. What's more, Polyerga® is more effective when used together with other natural remedies like hyperthermia - also unavailable in the good ole U.S.A.

Four times as many patients live past five years -
with no additional risk!

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 40 stomach cancer patients, 44 percent of those receiving Polyerga® lived at least five years. Only 11 percent of the non-Polyerga® group survived that long.

The Polyerga group did four times better!

And I'm talking about patients who were in the advanced stages of stomach cancer - practically hopeless.

What's more, the treatment is totally safe, as proven by extensive lab tests.

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